Bike number plates

Our biggest selling product has always been our cheap bike number plates. Perhaps our cheap bike number plates are our best seller because of our competitive prices. We have looked online and found that we sell the cheapest bike number plates of this quality anywhere in the United Kingdom. But we use the words “cheap” and “cheapest” only to describe our prices. Any who rides a motorcycle will know that the trend of smaller bike number plates has been brought to the attention of the police and the police have cracked down on this. We do sell small bike number plates however these are show plates and are not legal on the roads. Many of our customers were either unaware of this. We sell road legal bike number plates that are legal anywhere in the European union.

Road legal bike number plates

Have you been stopped by the police for having illegal bike number plates? Our plates are almost 5 mm thick, road legal and of the highest quality. You have the option of an EU nationality badge if you wish to ride in the continent or you can choose a plate without a nationality badge and go for a smaller but still legal bike number plate. The prices advertised always included delivery and there is extra charge for a nationality badge. The law is very clear about this matter and the only way to stop the police from pulling you over and spoiling your day is to get a road legal bike plate.

Motorcycle number plates

Our motorcycle number plates are by far the best on the market and although this is not exactly anything to get excited about it makes sense to get the best quality motorcycle number plate at the cheapest possible price. Would you agree?

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