Cheapest Number plates

We only supply high quality number plates however our number plates are still the cheapest number plates in the UK. We must stress that when we say “cheapest number plates” we mean of this particular quality. We sell our number plates on Ebay too and there are people who sell number plates a little cheaper than ours however the quality very different.

Good quality cheap number plates

Why is quality so important? Well for those with an eye for detail this is obvious however for those that do not really care about that you should really consider what would happen if somebody was to steal your number plates. According to the AA there were over 40,000 cases of number plate theft last year. A recent customer of ours told us that he bought what he thought were the cheapest number plates from EBay and saved himself about £3. No more than a month later he came outside to find that his number plates had been stolen. He used anti theft screws hoping that this would be enough to prevent theft however he looked at where his number plates were only to see the screws still there but the number plates were missing.

The explanation was that because he bought the cheapest number plates he could the quality was a perfect reflection on the price. We decided to buy some of these number plates and did an experiment on a trailer we have. We were able to get our fingers in behind the number plate and simple rip it off! The plastic was thin enough and flexible enough to get our fingers in behind it and the screws remained in place while the plastic behind theme simply warped enough to be pulled off. The number plate could then be re attached using some color coded washers. Thankfully this customer reported it to the police and the next day a car was caught on CCTV driving away from a petrol station with £80 worth of fuel. The guy described the situation “the worst £3 I ever saved”.

Cheap number plates do not need to be poor quality. Take a look at our cheap car number plates, browse the Internet and if you find a cheap number plate of the same quality and price (including delivery) then please let us know.

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