Show plates – Custom number plates

Show plates

What are show plates? Well show plates are creative custom number plates with a different design to your standard number plates. They are used at car rallies and by car dealers. We are a leading show plate supplier and have a design online system that has hundreds of design options. You have a wide selection of manufacturers badges, font options, background colours and styling options that are only limited by your imagination.

Cheapest show plates

Our show plates are the cheapest in the UK. Our design system is a little more complicated than some because it is designed for people who are looking for a very particular style. You can use our online number plate design screen to get an accurate representation of exactly how your plate will look. The image that is displayed is the exact image that our printers use so you know there will be no variation between what you design and what is actually sent to you.

Custom number plates

You need to be aware that not all custom designed number plates are road legal. But this does not mean they are not popular. Our customers use the show plates at car shows and they can be easy switched when driving home. We suggest that you invest in some anti theft screws as you can use the handy alan key switch the show plates over when traveling on public roads.

Design number plates online

We invite you to play around with our online number plate design software. You can save the image and share it on social networks if you like and get some feedback on your ideas.

Personalized number plates

If you are giving somebody a cherished number plate number as a gift then a show plate is the perfect way to give somebody that gift. You can design a number plate online using the registration details and add a personal message. You get to watch the puzzled faces opening the strange shaped parcel and the plate itself can be kept as a moment. This is much better than a greetings card. Some customers have even designed plates simple as an cool gift idea to a motoring enthusiast. See boy racer gift ideas for more information.

Replacement number plates and replacement registration plates
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